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Leadership and Team Impact Training – Selective Topics

Key Skills for Great Managers

  • Learn the characteristics of Best Bosses, what they do, and how they make a difference

  • Understand the how and why of communicating explicit expectations

  • Practice the elements of measuring, recognizing, building, and celebrating to achieve success

  • Understand the secret to overcoming limited performance

  • Ensure trust is established and install element of care that leads to growth

  • Explore the best practice of top leaders and tips they focused on everyday

  • Learn steps to navigate the impact of today’s virtual and intense environment to succeed

Creating a High-Performance Team

  • Understand the key elements of a High-Performance Team

  • Understand the importance of navigating team dynamics and human systems

  • Learn how to address and transform to include dysfunction team behaviors

  • Understand best practices relating to establishing clear goals and roles, communicating information flow, maximizing resources, accountability, and productivity

  • Examine the winning approach successful teams use to create, strengthen, and sustain teams

  • Learn the 5 Principles for creating a cohesive team to achieve greatness

Effective Performance Coaching

  • Understand the Why behind Coaching, when to coach, teach and address performance issues

  • Develop strategies to break the Law of Limited Performance

  • Learn methods to set and achieve goals

  • Explore the tools and techniques to improve performance

  • Learn a proven 5 step process for effective coaching

  • Understand the shift that positively come from coaching to improve performance

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